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Dental Implants Overview

Dental implants are a revolutionary advancement in the world of dentistry. Strong, authentic looking and permanent, they are a massive improvement upon bridges and dentures.

At Las Sendas Dental Health of Apache Junction and Mesa, AZ, we are fully equipped to provide you with the consultation and services required for receiving dental implants. Our dentist, Dr. Martin Farnsworh, DMD and the rest of the team will ensure you are well suited and properly prepared for the smile that will change your life!

These dental restorations come with numerous benefits:

Oral Health Implants do not involve interfering with your other teeth the way a bridge might. Implants leave other teeth intact and in place, and leave space between your teeth for easier cleaning.

Appearance If you’ve ever been embarrassed by missing teeth or removable substitutes, worry no more. Dental implants look like your own, original teeth, and restore the smile you used to have. As they fuse with your jaw bone, they become as secure as real teeth.

Convenience Unlike dentures, bridges, caps and fillings, implants are a part of your body. You can care for them just as you would your own teeth, and never have to worry about losing or replacing them.

Durability Just like healthy teeth, dental implants can last your entire life, and allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

As a form of cosmetic and functional dentistry, implants are something we are thrilled to specialize in. Talk to your dentist at Las Sendas about dental implants, and get your smile back!