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Oral Surgery Overview

Las Sendas Dental Health is happy to provide oral surgery at our office serving Apache Junction and Mesa, AZ.

Oral surgery is a highly complex branch of dentistry. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons complete another four to six years of school and training after dental school, and are familiar with head and neck disorders in addition to those of the dental and oral types.

While many people may think of oral surgery as simply wisdom teeth extraction, there is actually a wide variety of procedures these professionals can perform.

One of the more common issues potentially requiring an oral surgeon is TMJ pain. People with TMJ can experience pain in the jaw, neck and head, and may need facial adjustments or reconstruction. After surgery, patients generally report great improvement in their comfort levels.

Because they involve placing materials within the jaw bone itself, dental implants are another procedure best carried out by an oral surgeon. When done correctly, dental implants look and function exactly like real teeth.

In the event of an oral tumor, cyst or other growth, an oral surgeon can perform removals and biopsies. This is just one more way that the team at Las Sendas tends to every aspect of your oral and dental health.

In addition to the knowledge of general dentistry, oral surgeons possess in depth knowledge of the surrounding regions of the head and neck. At Las Sendas, oral surgery is just one of the many services we offer, and we’d be happy to discuss any and all dental needs with you.