Brighten Your Teeth for the Dazzling Smile You Deserve

Even a healthy smile can become yellow and stained over time. Teeth whitening offers an effective, noninvasive solution for combating this effect and improving the appearance of your teeth. At Las Sendas Dental Health, our team offers both in-office and at-home teeth bleaching treatments for a variety of patients. With two convenient locations in Chandler and Mesa, AZ, Dr. Martin Farnsworth and Dr. Derek Farnsworth can help you achieve your smile goals. 

A dental shade guide is placed next to a patient's smile.
During your consultation, the doctor will ask how bright you want your teeth to be and can recommend which type of bleaching is right for you. 

Is Whitening Right for Me?

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure which is available to most patients. Typically, we recommend bleaching for patients with mild to moderate discoloration who are already in good oral health. 

Because teeth whitening cannot address intrinsic stains which affect the underlying layers of teeth, Dr. Farnsworth may recommend porcelain veneers or dental bonding as alternative treatments. The best way to find out if a bleaching treatment is right for you is to schedule an appointment at our office.

Planning Your Treatment

During your initial cosmetic consultation, you can sit down with Dr. Farnsworth to discuss your concerns and goals. He can also perform an oral health examination and determine if you can safely undergo whitening. Based on your goals and oral health, Dr. Farnsworth may recommend an alternative treatment or suggest an additional procedure to enhance your results. If you want to make more extensive changes to your smile, we can include teeth whitening as part of a comprehensive smile makeover plan.

How Whitening Works

There are two main options for whitening your smile. You can undergo an in-office treatment or order take-home whitening trays. Both methods can offer dramatic, safe results when supervised by a qualified cosmetic dentist

In-Office Whitening

A whitening session at our office typically takes about an hour. Before beginning, a hygienist will clean your teeth to remove any particles which could interfere with the whitening agent. Then, we will place a protective layer over your gums.

An in-office often recommended for patients who want a brighter smile for an upcoming special occasion.

Dr. Derek Farnsworth or Dr. Martin Farnsworth will then apply a layer of the bleaching gel and let it sit on your teeth for about 15 minutes before removing it. We generally perform three or four rounds of whitening, depending on the shade you wish to achieve. Because an in-office treatment dramatically whitens your teeth in a single visit, it is often recommended for patients who want a brighter smile for an upcoming special occasion.

At-Home Whitening

With take-home whitening trays, you can brighten your smile at your own pace and convenience. When you are ready to begin, you simply fill the trays with whitening gel and place the tray over your teeth. Depending on your goals and the strength of the bleaching agent, you may wear the trays for as little as 15 minutes or as long as overnight. A typical at-home whitening treatment takes about two weeks. 

Quick, Easy Results

With teeth whitening, you can experience dramatic results quickly and conveniently. For more information about whitening your smile or one of our other cosmetic dentistry treatments, contact our office online or call our Chandler office  at (480) 878-5570 or our Mesa office at (480) 283-5854.

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